Warwick-Johnson – Announce ‘Sonic Acoustic Attack Tour’


(Black Star Riders / Thin Lizzy / The Almighty)
(Black Star Riders / Thin Lizzy / Alice Cooper)
Rock veterans Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson are pleased to announce a “Sonic Acoustic Attack Tour” in Autumn 2018. Warwick and Johnson will team up again to deliver a series of intimate acoustic and spoken word shows across the UK and Europe. With over two hours of performance, the evenings will be featuring career-spanning classics from Thin Lizzy, The Almighty, Black Star Riders, Alice Cooper, Brother Cane, alongside anecdotes and stories taken from the artists’ life on the road.Both Warwick and Johnson are members of the critically acclaimed Black Star Riders. The band’s latest album “Heavy Fire” gained worldwide success reaching: #1 in the UK Rock and Indie charts, #3 in the UK Vinyl chart, #6 UK in the National chart, #11 in the German National chart, #6 in the USA Hard Rock chart, #22 USA Independent chart and #25 in the Rock chart.

Ricky Warwick is one of the UK’s most iconic rock front-men. Starting his professional music journey in The Almighty, with whom he released 7 albums in the 90’s, Ricky went on to record several solo albums before becoming the vocalist with Thin Lizzy and now with Black Star Riders.

About the tour, Ricky says: “Two hours plus of acoustic carnage and mayhem with brother Johnson? Who’d have thought bits of wood with wires could be so sonically invigorating??? … Well you’re about to find out!!!”

American guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Damon Johnson, began his career in the 90’s, when he co-founded Brother Cane. Johnson went on to collaborate with the likes of Stevie Nicks, Ted Nugent and Queensrÿche, before joining Alice Cooper’s band as lead guitarist. Since 2011, Damon is lead guitarist with Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders.

When referring to the shows, Damon says: “Ricky has inspired my musical efforts in so many ways and we have become best mates. These Warwick Johnson performances always showcase our respect for each other and our love of music. And it’s a great night out!”

“Sonic Acoustic Attack Tour” will start in Sweden in early September and will continue across Europe and the UK until mid October. Full dates are as follows.

UK Tour Dates
Tue 25th Sep            Stoke, Eleven
Wed 26th Sep           Blackpool, Waterloo Music Bar
Thu 27th Sep            Kendal, Bootleggers
Fri 28th Sep              Grimsby, Yardbirds
Sat 29th Sep             Norwich, Waterfront Studio
Sun 30th Sep            Chester, Live Rooms
Mon 1st Oct             Bilston, Robin 2
Tue 2nd Oct              London, Dingwalls
Wed 3rd Oct             Evesham, The Iron Road
Thu 4th Oct               Nuneaton, The Queen’s Hall
Fri 5th Oct                 Sheffield, The Foundry
Sun 7th Oct               Bournemouth, Zephyr
Tue 9th Oct               Manchester, Night People
Wed 10th Oct            Newcastle, Cluny 2
Thurs 11th Oct          Belfast, The Limelight 2
Fri 12th Oct               Glasgow, Audio
Sat 13th Oct              Dundee, Church
Sun 14th Oct            Edinburgh, Bannerman’s Bar

Tickets are available form all usual outlets.

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Damon Johnson Announces Pledge Campaign For New Solo Album

Black Star Riders (Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper and Brother Cane) guitarist

Damon Johnson
Announces Pledge Campaign For New Solo Album
“Memoirs Of An Uprising”

Album Release in Late 2018

Warwick Johnson Tour Dates Announced For The UK In Sept/Oct 2018

Damon Johnson
Photo Credit Stephen Jensen
Damon Johnson has announced a Pledge Campaign for his forthcoming new solo album “Memoirs Of An Uprising”. The album will receive a full release later in 2018.

Damon has an illustrious career as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for Brother Cane, Alice Cooper and currently Black Star Riders and Thin Lizzy. The forthcoming album features ten brand new songs from Damon – and he is currently finishing the mixing, mastering and packaging around the album.

The album will be available on both CD and vinyl and the Pledge site features a whole host of very special options including signed CDs, merch, mystery bundles, guitar lessons, signed guitars, acoustic house performances and even a round of golf with Damon amongst others..

For full details here


Damon says, “The fact that I’m getting to make this album at all is purely down to the support and love you all have shown for my music over the past three decades. And as I discussed this fact with PledgeMusic, they have encouraged me to “un-earth” and make available one-of-a-kind items during this campaign…things like bundles of exclusive photos and memorabilia from all my various band endeavors; my small Peavy practice amp that I’ve written songs on ever since Brother Cane’s ‘Seeds’ album; a “still-in-the-shrink-wrap” copy of my long time out-of-print ‘Dust’ CD; even autographed guitars…and much more.

Again, this is the first time for me to work with PledgeMusic as a solo artist. And the catalyst is absolutely this new music I’ve created. The songs are inspired and my band (Tony, Jarred & Tony) played and sound amazing as always. And I feel these songs deserve as much exposure as possible, even in this day and age where the business of making and distributing music has change dramatically.

I’m asking for your help. I need your help! I’m at LEAST asking you to check it out what we’re offering through this PledgeMusic campaign.”

The album will then receive a full UK release later in 2018.

Damon will be touring the UK and Europe in 2018 with band mate Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy, The Almighty). The two will be playing acoustic numbers throughout their two illustrious careers as well as speaking about their experiences in music. The “Sonic Acoustic Attack Tour” will start in Sweden in early September and will continue across Europe and the UK until mid October. Full dates are as follows.

UK Tour Dates
Tue 25th Sep  Stoke, Eleven
Wed 26th Sep Blackpool, Waterloo Music Bar
Thu 27th Sep  Kendal, Bootleggers
Fri 28th Sep    Grimsby, Yardbirds
Sat 29th Sep   Norwich, Waterfront Studio
Sun 30th Sep  Chester, Live Rooms
Mon 1st Oct    Bilston, Robin 2
Tue 2nd Oct     London, Dingwalls
Wed 3rd Oct    Evesham, The Iron Road
Thu 4th Oct     Nuneaton, The Queen’s Hall
Fri 5th Oct       Sheffield, The Foundry
Sun 7th Oct     Bournemouth, Zephyr
Tue 9th Oct     Manchester, Night People
Wed 10th Oct  Newcastle, Cluny 2
Fri 12th Oct     Glasgow, Audio
Sat 13th Oct    Dundee, Church
Sun 14th Oct   Edinburgh, Bannerman’s Bar
Mon 15th Oct  Belfast, The Limelight 2

Tickets available from all usual outlets.

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Running Wild Release ‘Pieces Of Eight’ Limited Edition Box Set

Full Image

RUNNING WILD release ‘Pieces Of Eight’

Limited Edition Boxed set on September 28, 2018

Full Image

Pieces Of Eight – The Singles, Live And Rare. 1984 – 1994

Watch the teaser trailer: –

PREORDER EXCLUSIVE SIGNED COPIES BY ROCK N’ROLF HERE – https://runningwildband.lnk.to/PiecesOfEight

NOISE Records are proud to announce, Running Wild – Pieces Of Eight : The Singles, Live and Rare. 1984 – 1994. A deluxe, limited edition boxset containing all the bands Noise records singles, the re-record compilation ‘The First Years Of Piracy’ and an expanded, double gold vinyl version of their debut live album ‘Ready For Boarding’, which features a whole new show on disc two, from 1989, previously only available before on VHS tape.

All of these titles have been long out of print, since their original release during the bands decade tenure on Noise. The box set also includes a collectable, Running Wild, piece of eight coin and a two sided poster featuring the band’s classic line-up and the box set artwork.

German heavy metallers Running Wild were formed in 1976 in Hamburg, but shot to fame during the emergence of the German metal scene in the early to mid-1980s.

Over the course of their career, they have released sixteen studio albums, three live albums, five compilation albums, and six singles/EPs. Although their earlier releases contained Satanic themes and imagery, they later invented the pirate metal subgenre after the band released their third album in 1987, Under Jolly Roger, which was a switch to pirate-based and historical themes, creating and influencing the later named Pirate metal subgenre of heavy metal in the 2000s in the process.

While the historical lyrics were fantasy at first, the lyrics for later albums were intensively researched, by frontman Rolf Kasparek in particular. After this album, from 1988 to 1992 (for the albums Port Royal, Death or Glory, Blazon Stone, Pile of Skulls & Mascquerade), Running Wild mainly wrote historically based lyrics. In addition to lyrics about pirates like Calico Jack, Klaus Störtebeker, or the little-known Henry Jennings, the band also addressed subjects like the Wars of the Roses, the Battle of Waterloo, or the colonization of the New World by the Conquistadors. They have sold over 1.8 million albums globally making them one of Germany’s largest exports.

Track listings

Victim Of States Power CD EP (1984)

Victim Of States Power
Walpurgis Night

Little Big Horn CD EP (1991)

Little Big Horn
Billy The Kid

The First Years Of Piracy CD album (1991)

Under Jolly Roger
Branded And Exiled
Soldiers Of Hell
Raise Your Fist
Walpurgis Night
Fight The Oppression
Marching To Die
Raw Ride
Diamonds Of The Black Chest
Prisoner Of Our Time

Wild Animal CD EP (1989)

Wild Animal
Chains & Leather
Tear Down The Walls

Lead Or Gold CD EP (1992)

Lead Or Gold
Hanged, Drawn And Quartered
Win Or Be Drowned

Ready For Boarding 2x gold LP (1988)

Disc 1 – original concert
Live In Munich, Nov 1987

Hymn Of Long John Silver
Under Jolly Roger
Genghis Khan
Raise Your Fist
Diabolic Force
Raw Ride
Adrian (S.O.S.)
Prisoner Of Our Time

Bad To The Bone CD EP (1989)

Bad To The Bone
The Battle Of Waterloo
March OnThe Privateer CD EP (1994)The Privateer
Dancing On A Minefield
Poisoned Blood

Disc 2 – bonus concert
Live in Düsseldorf, Oct 1989

Riding The Storm
Bad To The Bone
Raw Ride
Raging Fire
Tortuga Bay
Bass Solo
Prisoner Of Our Time

Full Image

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Legendary Randy Bachman Releases New Studio Album “By George – By Bachman” in July

Multiple Hall of Famer, songwriter, singer, and guitarist RANDY BACHMAN announces the release of “BY GEORGE – BY BACHMAN”, a respectful and personal testimonial to George Harrison’s finest work.


Make no mistake, this is not your typical tribute album. This truly is a ‘Harrison by Bachman’ concept with Bachman’s distinctively personal stamp and style placed on The Quiet Beatle’s music. “On Jukebox, the covers album I did with Burton Cummings back in 2007, I took ‘I’m Happy Just To Dance With You’, which was written by George but written for him to sing, and put a whole new groove on it,” Bachman explains. “People already knew the lyrics so I put it into a new musical context and it worked. For this album I figured I would take George’s songs and give them new grooves. I wanted the tempos and
arrangements to be different but still recognizable by the lyrics. I took the major keys and turned them into minors. It was a whole new interpretation of a familiar song. I was quite excited about the prospect of re-imagining George Harrison’s songs.”

Bachman began work on the project in March of 2017, enlisting Mark LaFrance as co-producer/drummer, Mick Dalla-Vee on bass, and Brent Knudson for additional guitars. The quartet developed a process for creating demos for such time-tested material, reflecting the spirit of the source within their fresh approaches. Over weeks of back-and-forth,
the songs took shape and indeed some of the demo recordings made it to the finished record.

In May of 2017, recording began at Armoury Studios in Vancouver, where artists such as AC/DC, Nickelback, the Cranberries, INXS, Seal, Diana Krall, Drake and Bruno Mars have all recorded. As LaFrance recalls the experience:…“once we started digging into the recording of the album, it almost became somewhat of a healing and liberating experience. Music can really take you to places you can’t imagine, especially while creating it. Sitting in the control room while Randy is ripping out a guitar solo, grabbing notes out of thin air, is good for the soul.”

The band lived with those first recordings for some months before returning to the studio in September to finish the album, this time at Calgary’s studio Bell – a facility within the National Music Centre, where one of Bachman’s Les Paul guitars is on display as part of
Canada’s Music Hall of Fame. The studio houses all variety of rare and vintage gear, from Rolling Stones’ mobile recording studio to a historic Trident (Triad) A Range Console. Using these tools connected Bachman to his previous recording lives as well…as part of channeling elements of the past to weave through the present.

By George_opens and closes with “Between Two Mountains”  a Bachman original written to tie the various elements together which comprise the album’s concept. In this song, Harrison’s position amidst the musical giants of Lennon and McCartney is acknowledged.
“George’s light shone through what could have been a shadow between such mountainous forces as John and Paul,” says Bachman. “Love is forever – and George made certain that paramount sentiment endured throughout his work and life. His music and his example mean the world to me, and I hope I have honoured that in a way that will resonate with
people who, like me, are his fans and admirers.”

There’s also a little something extra for George Harrison aficionados. “Throughout the album, I put in little signature licks that are associated with George’s songs,” reveals Bachman, “like the slide part from ‘My Sweet Lord’ or the opening chord from ‘A Hard
Day’s Night’ for the fans to notice. Kind of like Easter Eggs.”

Bachman stands in rarified air as a member of a very exclusive handful of artists who have topped the charts in two different bands: “American Woman” with The Guess Who and “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” as leader and singer with Bachman-Turner Overdrive. In a career
spanning over five decades, he has earned 120 platinum, gold and silver records. His distinctive brand of guitar-driven, no-holds-barred hard rock is instantly recognized worldwide. As host of the top-rated CBC and Sirius XM radio series Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap, his listeners number in the millions.

As the most celebrated musician in Canadian history, Bachman counts among his many accolades his membership in the Order of Canada and the Order of Manitoba, as well as being twice inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and Canada’s Walk of Fame, and his inductions into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame, the Musicians Hall of Fame in
Nashville, the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Prairie Music Hall of Fame. He is a recipient of the Manitoba Order of The Buffalo Hunt, the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, the ASCAP Global Impact Award, and holder of an honorary Doctorate in Music from Brandon University. Bachman has also earned multiple JUNO Awards as a songwriter, musician, band member and producer. In addition, Bachman can add best-selling author to his numerous list of accomplishments, having penned both Vinyl Tap Stories and Takes from Beyond The Tap.

Full tracklisting

* Between Two Mountains
* If I Needed Someone
* You Like Me Too Much
* While My Guitar Gently Weeps
* Handle With Care
* Taxman
* I Need You
* Something
* Think For Yourself
* Here Comes The Sun
* Don’t Bother Me
* Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
* Between Two Mountains – Reprise

“By George – By Bachman” is released through Universal Music.


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HRH have announced a further wave of bands who’ll be playing at the Glorious SOLD OUT Twelfth Hard Rock Hell, rocking Camp HRH in Pwllheli, between Thursday 8th and Sunday 11th November 2018.

As you’d expect, these excellent acts (chosen and voted for by the fansin tried and tested HRH fashion) join an already impressive line-up, including headliners MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST, SAXON and THE DEAD DAISIES.

Thursday’s line-up gets enriched by multinational melodic metal band EDEN’S CURSE, who’ve recently toured with Michael Schenker Fest and have collected praise from the legendary Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson. MYKE GRAY (former guitarist with Skin, Red White & Blues, Schism, and Jagged Edge) will also be performing as a storming solo
artist on the Thursday. Check out these two acts!

Friday’s additions include VAMBO (described by Subba Culture as a “blues-rock band… with a strong Whitesnake influence and a hint of Foreigner on power ballad ‘Running in Circles’ “); funk rockers DAN REED NETWORK; London-based hard rock outfit DEAD MAN’S WHISKEY; L.A. hard rockers SNEW; and EVERYDAY HEROES: a cracking four-piece band from Newport.

The Glorious Twelfth’s Saturday rosta gains JOHN COGHLAN’S QUO (which as Mark Taylor from MetalTalk.net put it will “take you on a joyous journey of his golden past in one of the most celebrated and much loved rock bands the UK has ever produced. A night of beer-raising, feel-good factor Status Quo classics.”). And it gains BLACK STAR BULLET: a hard
rock 4-piece band hailing from Coventry, known for their strong, professional stage presence and all-round entertainment.

It gains KALEB MCKANE (multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, described by producer Steve Brown; who worked with the late, great Freddie Mercury as “One of the best singer/songwriter rock guitarists I have heard this decade – an extreme quality”. Also added are Aussie high-octane, full throttle hard rockers MASSIVE.

These 11 great bands join others already announced, including: FEMME

Phew! That’s a great big brew of talent to quench your thirst for rock! Europe’s leading residential festival provider delivers the goods again! Enjoy the music, along with the trademark HRH camaraderie, shenanigans and quality accommodation in the beautiful land of North Wales.

For further details and ongoing updates, waiting lists or miracles check
out www.hardrockhell.com  or phone Jess on 0207 193 1164


Jason’s Christopher, announces new book and tour with Prong.

Hired gun JASON CHRISTOPHER (Prong, Ministry, Stone Sour, Sebastian
Bach) has spent his musical career as an unsung hero, playing an
important live role for many influential bands and artists who need a
bassist or guitarist.  Jason is currently playing bass on tour for New
York metal icons, Prong but many Corey Taylor fans will know him best as
Corey’s sidekick for most of his solo acoustic shows.

Jason’s a left-handed guitarist who plays a regular guitar upside down
and back to front.  Not being able to afford a left handed model in his
teenage years, it’s testament to his tenacity that he made do, ‘figuring
it out for himself’.  Not only a gifted musician, Jason has turned his
hand to writing about his life and experiences of ‘making it’ in the
industry.  The first instalment of his engaging work has become ‘The
Rogue To Nowhere’, part one of a three-part novella series documenting
tales of growing up in Woodstock, NY and moving to Los Angeles, CA in
search of his musical dream.  After arriving penniless in Hollywood and
eventually landing a job working at the Viper Room, Jason’s tales of
addiction and desperate measures make for an un-put-down-able read.

Hollywood scriptwriter, Tom Kapinos (creator/writer of TV mega-hit
‘Californication’) tells us, “[Jason] has a story to tell.  He’s been to
hell and back.  He’s lived the rock n’ roll dream and seen it turn into
a nightmare, but he’s come through the other side.  I’ve devoured just
about every rock memoir you can think of.  This one’s different and it
deserves your attention.”Jason tells us, “Did you ever want something so bad that you would leave everything behind to get it?  This is the story of that… I hope you
enjoy it.”

You can pick up a signed paperback edition or Kindle digital edition
over at http://jasonchristopher.store.

Catch Jason on the road in Europe this summer with his current day job
on PRONG’s Zero Days tour.  Dates over at http://prongmusic.com/ 

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Mammal announces first UK show in eight years, at Camden Underworld!

MAMMAL announces first UK show in eight years at The Camden Underworld, plus supports on Tuesday 02 October 2018. Their new single: “community” is released on 17th August 2018.

“Mammal is f**king excellent to watch; there’s no denying it. They have so much energy in their playing and performance that you cannot help but get swept away in it. These guys are building a loyal fan base and you can see why. the veritable frenzy that happened during the playing of hell yeah made me feel that i was watching a pack of wild animals unleashed – which is frankly what you want when you’re watching good rock’n’roll.” – Carolyn Miller, drum media

Mammal are the real deal. Like some scarecrow prophet, vocalist Ezekiel Ox spits out his passionate diatribe with a wild-eyed maniacal zeal,fusing rapid-fire rhetoric and soaring melody, while guitarist Pete Williamson lays down the sort of riffage that have any punter’s fist unconsciously forming the horned salute. and throughout, the lock-steady rhythm-section of bassist Nick Adams and drummer Zane Rosanoski deliverthe kind of grooves you can feel in your gut.

The cult Australian four piece have been away for far too long – it was 2008 when the single “smash the piñata” exploded in the UK.  Aprecursor to the critically acclaimed album “the majority”, an album that was backed with some fearsome live performances across Europe.

But the band has announced their first uk show in eight years for October 2018. The show will be the first taste of a forthcoming new studio album. The first track from that album is set to be released in the UK  in August 2018 – “community” has all the fierce, pent up, energy that has seen mammal as one of the best underground bands in the world. Don’t miss out….

Tuesday 2nd October 2018 London, The Underworld Camden

Tickets are priced below and on sale Thursday 12th July 2018

doors – 7pm // price – £15 early bird // £20 general

tickets – http://www.theunderworldcamden.co.uk


Watch the video for Underworld show :

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The Veer Union salute Chester Bennington with acoustic “Numb” cover.

As we approach the one year anniversary of Chester Bennington’s death
(he died on July 20, 2017).  THE VEER UNION are paying tribute to the
late Linkin Park vocalist with an acoustic cover of “Numb”  from
their upcoming DECADE 2: ROCK AND ACOUSTIC album.

Singer CRISPIN EARL says, “I decided to do this cover not only because
everyone in The Veer Union are huge fans of Linkin Park and wanted to
honor Chester Bennington and his immense contribution to the world with
his voice and music, but on a personal level I have also struggled with
depression which I have written and talked openly about for years. The
song ‘Numb’ has always spoken to me on very personal level and all I can
hope is that we did some justice to it, to pay homage to Chester. It was
a tremendous loss, and he will live in our hearts and souls forever.”

The cover itself is now available to download via iTunes. Meanwhile,
the Decade 2: Rock and Acoustic  disc is on track for an August 31st
release, revisiting many of their best songs in both electric and
acoustic renditions. You can pre-order that release HERE.

The Veer Union will hit the road in late August, just ahead of the new
album release, sharing stages with Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Tantric and
Shallow Side. Dates for the run can be viewed below.



8/30/2018 Newberry Opera House – Newberry, SC

8/31/2018 Firmament – Greenville, SC

9/1/2018 Devault Vineyards – Concord, VA

9/2/2018 Main Steet Staion – Daytona Beach, FL

9/3/2018 Captain Hiram’s – Sebastian, FL

9/6/2018 Red River Music Hall – Altus, OK

9/7/2018 Tonys Pizza Event Center – Salina, KS

9/8/2018 Crossroads KC – Kansas City, MO

9/9/2018 Hermans Hideaway – Denver, CO

9/14/2018 Tattoo Convention @ Bear River Event Center – Loleta, CA


9/19/2018 Pub Rock – Scottsdale, AZ

9/29/2018 Jack’s Bar – San Antonio, TX

10/4/2018 Ethos Live – Laredo, TX

10/5/2018 BFE – Houston, TX

10/12/2018 West End Trading Company – Sanford, FL

10/13/2018 Brass Mug – Tampa, FL

10/14/2018 Nighthawks – Jacksonville, FL
10/17/2018 Furnace 41 – Jonesboro, GA


Crispin Earl – Lead Vocals

Dan Sittler – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Ryan Ramsdell – Rhythm Guitar

Ricardo Viana – Drums


Official website: https://theveerunion.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theveerunion/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theveerunion

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theveerunion

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVeerUnion

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/theveerunionofficial

Bands In Town: https://www.bandsintown.com/en/a/198004-the-veer-union

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Killing Joke’s Big Paul Ferguson, to release ‘Remote Viewing’, a seven track EP on 24th August.

On 24th August  Killing Joke’s Big Paul Ferguson, proudly releases ‘Remote Viewing’, a seven track EP on the Dead Radio Station label.
Killing Joke embark on their 40th anniversary World tour, Laugh At Your Peril. in September 2018. See their tour schedule here:
The BPF – Big Paul Ferguson’s Remote Viewing EP also features Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission, Tricky, Peter Murphy) on guitar.
Watch the impressive artistic interpretation of the I Am War (trailer) by longtime Killing Joke confidant Mont Sherar/Montster Filmwerks here:
BPF Remote Viewing track listing
01 Hungry Ghosts
02 Reboot
03 The Great Motivator
04 Terrible Warriors
05 X-Box
06 I am War
07 Zarzal
To pre order the Remote Viewing CD go to: http://www.deadradiostation.com/bpf/
The digital release is available now to purchase through the record label store.
Paul Ferguson is a rock drummer, best known for his work in the post-punk/industrial group Killing Joke and cult English punk band Pink Parts.  In 1978 Ferguson became a founding member of Killing Joke and served as their drummer from 1978 to 1987. He is known as ‘Big Paul Ferguson’.
Ferguson, together with bassist Paul Raven, departed from the band in 1987 during the recording of their seventh studio album, Outside The Gate. The last album he recorded with Killing Joke during this period was the 1986 release Brighter than a Thousand Suns.
He subsequently worked on other musical projects, notably with rock outfits Warrior Soul (1987–1990), Murder, Inc. (1991–92) and Crush (1992–93). During the following years Ferguson lived in the United States and Puerto Rico, and became a sculptor and art restorer, specialising in ancient sculptures. He also briefly played with The Orb.
Ferguson rejoined Killing Joke for their 2008 reunion, which saw the original line-up together for the first time since 1982. Ferguson wrote and recorded with Killing Joke for the first time in 23 years on their 2010 studio album Absolute Dissent. He remains with Killing Joke, playing on their April 2012 album release MMXII and subsequent tour, as well as their 2015 release Pylon.
2015 also saw the launch of Boneyard, a line of skull-and-bone jewellery designed and handcrafted by Ferguson . Each unique piece is individually cast and hand finished in solid sterling silver : https://www.boneyardskullrings.com/about

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Myles Kennedy – Stylus, Leeds University – 8th July 2018.

With an ambient lit stage, Leeds Stylus hosts a sold out show for Myles Kennedy in its 1000 capacity venue.  The crowd are packed in and are eager for some entertainment, and whilst the fans endure the heat of the place some chants emerge from the back audience in reference to the world cup  ‘it’s coming home’, obviously they are  still celebrating England’s semi quarter final win on Sunday but more on that later.

Dorian Sorriaux is the main support for Myles Kennedy throughout his European tour, and some of you may recognise his name, as the guitarist in his own band Blue Pills; who have opened for Myles’ band Alter Bridge in the past.

Classically trained guitarist Dorian introduces himself and thanks Myles for the opportunity to be support. If you are up on your classical guitarist knowledge you’ll be aware that they grow and shape their nails especially curved in a perfect arch to create a long ramp, the idea is to have the string travel up the ramp and get pushed into the guitar.  I noticed Dorian’s devil like talons as he played through a range of folk inspired acoustic songs, from his new EP. The themes included politics, love, and some he didn’t quite know what they were about yet, as they were developing.   Simplicity is the best way to describe his style of music.  With his guitar in hand, and beads of sweat dripping off the guitar head to the floor, Dorian entertained a very hot and sweaty mob.  A highlight being his latest single ‘Hungry Ghost’, a dramatic dark number, harmonised by Dorian’s haunting vocals. Humbled by a great response to his performance, he bid the fans well and to enjoy Myles’ show.

Dorian Sorriaux

As the crowd waited for Myles to take the stage, candles and a backdrop with the words Myles Kennedy, year of the tiger 1974 in a repeated circle centred on an image of a Tiger set the scene.  Year of the Tiger is the name of Myles first official solo album, of which the tour also takes its name; and was inspired by the year in which Myles lost his biological father at a young age.  Myles Kennedy is a name in his own right but he is particularly known for his band Alter Bridge along with his collaborations with Slash (Guns n Roses) and Slash ft Myles & the Conspirators, with whom he is set to release a new album later in the year

Ecstatic applause, shouts and screams roar from the fans as the eagerly awaited Myles takes the stage, welcoming the crowd he opened with Devil on the wall from his solo album.  Playing songs from the last twenty years of his career, the set list was impressive and included songs from his early band The Mayfield Four, to the amazing Starlight a song he co-wrote and performed with Slash.  A nice surprise was his version of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper.

Myles is a grand story teller and related tales of his youth from picking up a guitar, to his moody teens, forming a band and writing painful needy lyrics. Using a foot machine drum pedal, he became his own one man band.  And the bass drum effect was especially useful when the chants started again from the back of the audience.   Not one to miss a beat Myles joined in with his foot pedal and struck up a tempo  to which the crowd responded and chanted ”it’s coming home” some more.   Enjoying the impromptu sing along Myles encouraged his fans to not be bored by some idiot playing for the next 90 minutes but to get involved and have a great fun time, which they did.

Myles has an immense alluring personality and it was rather epic to be part of his captivated audience,  getting to see him up close and personal as he discussed his life through his stories and music.


Set list :
Devil on the Wall
Standing in the Sun (Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators cover)
Mars Hotel (The Mayfield Four cover)
Addicted to Pain (Alter Bridge song)
Starlight (Slash cover)
Blind Faith
Life Must Go On (Alter Bridge song)
The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover)
White Flag (The Mayfield Four cover)
Haunted by Design
All Ends Well (Alter Bridge song)
Watch Over You (Alter Bridge song)
Travelling Riverside Blues (Robert Johnson cover)
World on Fire (Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators cover)

Love Can Only Heal
Year of the Tiger

Myles Kennedy by Neil Jackson
Myles Kennedy by Neil Jackson
Myles Kennedy by Alex English

Myles Kennedy – Stylus, Leeds University – 8th July 2018. was originally published on PlanetMosh

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